W3C Finnish Office


Mission of W3C Offices

  • To promote adoption of W3C recommendations among developers, application builders, and standards setters, and to encourage inclusion of stakeholder organizations in the creation of future recommendations by joining W3C.
  • W3C works because Members know it is impartial -- the same applies to offices as well

10 Finnish W3C Members


Digital Media Institute, Tampere University of Technology

Elisa Communications

Finnet Group

Helsinki University of Technology


Profium Ltd.

Republica Corp.


University of Helsinki

What Offices Are About...

Right picture
  • First point of contact
  • Education and outreach
  • Regional input to W3C
  • Channel for national level funding schemes
  • Advocacy for W3C in the region
  • Local home page, newsletter, contacts
  • More specifically: While being sensitive to regional issues,
    • make users and implementors aware of W3C technologies
    • help working with W3C specifications
    • establish an active network(s) of contacts
    • internationalisation, regionalisation, and input to W3C
    • encourage to join working together with W3C and member organisations

What Offices Are NOT:

Wrong picture
  • Creators of local standards (instead: represent W3C and help participating in the work)
  • Spokesmen of vendor-specific products (instead: encourage using public standards)
  • Consultants of IT in general (instead: try to help with W3C technologies)
  • "Just for technical people" (instead: will find a common language)
  • Hard to approach (instead: works in many ways and various levels)

Finnish Office, Rules of thumb

The good receipe
  • Do the basic work well and the fancy stuff will follow
  • Work together with the people of the field
  • Let the regional focus areas and characteristics guide the overall work
  • "Not just the Web pages"

Example #1 "Awareness?" -- questionnaire

Quite Well-known

Example #2 "Expectations?" -- questionnaire

Good to Remember

Hard work
  • The actual work is of course balancing between priorities, resources, and practices
  • Offices do also basic work "nobody explicitly asked", in Finland, e.g.:
    • Finnish newsletter,
    • W3C Suomen suositusarkisto (repository of commentaries to W3C specs),
    • W3C Suomen tapahtumakalenteri (Finnish event calendar)
    • ...and other "internal projects" that are being developed
  • Making something Big right takes hard work, time, patience, and the efforts of many people (and the Web is Big indeed)

Contact Information

Ossi Nykänen (ossi@w3.org)
Coordinator of the W3C Finnish Office

Tampere University of Technology
DMI / W3C Finnish Office
Korkeakoulunkatu 1, Tietotalo building
P.O.Box 553, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland

Tel: +358 3 3115 3544